Friday, December 12, 2014

PGS Website History

My last post called the current Public Good Society web page version three. I’ve been working for the PGS for a while, so it is indeed the third website I have made for them.

My father had hard codded the original website for them and I volunteered in 2010 to make them a visual one.  I hadn’t actually made a website before this endeavor. So I found a book on the topic of Dreamweaver and taught myself.

The Website Below was created in 2010 and went live within the year. 

All the content for it was brought over from the text based website. That was alright at the time as all the content for the page was static. While I was the webmaster; that didn’t involve much at this point.
The Public Good society have a newsletter that they circulate twice a year. That prompted the semi-regular updates to the site and after I started attending their events I had pictures for the site as well.

By 2011 I had made a website for the Atlantic Geoscience Society, Federation Of Community Organizations, and the Halifax Association for Community Living. I had become much better and my first website was a rather poor showing now.  So I took initiative and designed a new website and it was instantly approved for use. Whole process took two days.  A rather good production time.
Version two can be seen below.

I updated the width of the spread to be in line with common resolutions at the time. Visually it was quite nice but I was still trying to make a spread based on their logo. Some fool had made It using a black background. That fool may in fact be myself, something I regret in hindsight. The result was a very dark color scheme. 

Version 2.5 moved the content from “what’s new” to the home page and turned that page into a media page to accommodate all my photos along with the newsletters.

Version 3 was needed for about a year before it came to fruition. The webpage started hosting the Echo and there was the need for an archive page.

Version three(the current build) can be seen below

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